Do you know why I like Dungeon Fighter Online

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DFO is a Korean action MMORPG with beat expression elements, and the classes are represented by preset character avatars with limited visual customization options. The game used to be one of Nexon's biggest games and was not abandoned by the publisher until 2013.

In 2015, Neople restored its global servers by itself and made it better than ever. That's right, this game is in great demand, and even death can't stop it. Many players always hope to obtain a large amount of DFO Gold in various ways to help themselves during the game.

Compared with most MMOs, DFO's gameplay is more casual, less strategic, and essentially more like hacking. This is not without challenges, but most challenges are based on reactions and general skills, rather than learning enemy mechanics. This is why I like it so much because I am a more impulsive gamer and love the slash action of hackers!

Unless you pay, the strict restrictions on character customization will always haunt me, but as time goes by, I gradually accept its fair trade, because it will not lock any gameplay behind any paywall. Even though the workload of changing characters by category is very small, there are dozens of sub-category options, and each option has its style.

The class that uses swords is not only ordinary warriors, but also demon killers with weapons. His sub-categories include choosing to sign power with the demon, choosing to use only one hand to become a senior swordsman, releasing the chain on the demon to match it, or going crazy. Yes, the killer killer is a huge overlord, but it takes a lot of effort to make the edge of each taste the only choice!

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