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598eeb4e9f3226 Surveying is the art, science, and profession of finding locations, distances, directions or other features on earth's surface. The title of the blog post before you is "elementary surveying by la putt pdf free download". This is all about how to make an inclinometer out of cardboard.

Oftentimes it can be hard to find someone who will teach you how to do this for free. But with the PDF file that accompanies this blog post, you won't have any trouble! It also covers topics like distance measurement, slope measurement and more - so there's a lot more in here for you! Your skills will grow exponentially with each article or video. Your interests will grow too - from math to engineering to your career path! All from a simple project you'll create from the materials in your classroom.This is great for anyone who would like to learn basic surveying skills:

- Those who like physics and geometry (2nd grade and older)
- Those who like history (for example, the history of science)
- Those who like math (5th grade through 10th graders)
- Those who like engineering (NCEES certification courses in high school or college, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering programs in college, etc.)
- Anyone with an interest in architecture.

This isn't just for those doing classroom projects at home! Run a contest at your school and see who can create the best inclinometer. They'll also learn about teamwork as they work together on the project.

You can make this using cardboard or foam board, but if you use cardboard or foam board, you may want to use a pencil as the inclinometer needle. Otherwise, those materials aren't as conducting as metal.

 The cardboard (actually corrugated fiberboard) in the image above is available in standard sizes like 3 feet by 3 feet (90 x 90 cm). You might find this in your classroom or you may need to visit your local home improvement store.

The Science Behind the Inclinometer
The inclinometer works by using an electromagnet that attracts or repels a steel ball bearing when you move it to different locations in relation to the magnet. The ball moves when you move the compass needle. This allows the inclinometer to function in much the same way as a spirit level, which is used for leveling home furniture, but it is much more accurate.  It can also measure slope in degrees, whereas a spirit level just gives you an 'up' or 'down' result.If you live near a hardware store or have access to one in your area, then you can get what is needed there in most cases. Sometimes you can find all you need in a home improvement store. Hardware stores sell items that are used by the construction industry, so they are typically more durable than items sold in a regular retail store.  If your local hardware store does not carry the items you need, ask one of the employees for help. He or she will have recommendations on where to look for what you are looking for.
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