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What is the Process Behind Powder Coating?

Powder coating is actually an alternative to conventional wet painting for automobiles and other metallic components. It is the technique of putting to a surface a coating of a specially-treated solid pigment in the form of a dry powder. The surface is then heated, causing it to undergo a chemical reaction as the temperature increases.

As a result of the chemical reaction - the powder melts and reforms into a solid surface that actually conforms to the shape of the object being coated. Powder coating is more advantageous than wet painting since it is less expensive, more environmentally friendly, and produces a surface that is more scratch-resistant and durable.

Before being coated, the to-be-coated material must be free of dirt, grease, and oil. It is then linked to a tiny electrode, emitting a modest electrical charge in the positive direction. Similar to a paint gun, the spraying mechanism is referred to as Corona Gun. It is a simple air-powered device with a hopper containing color in the form of thermoset polymer powder.

When the powder is expelled from the Corona Gun's nozzle, it emits a little negative electrical charge. This guarantees that the powder and substance possess opposing charges. These opposing charges will attract one another, causing the powder to attach naturally to the surface upon contact. The powder-coated piece is then swung into a massive industrial powder coating oven.

It is secured inside the oven to ensure that the winch chain and electrode are removed and then roasted. The powder coating is then baked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, during which time the thermoset polymer undergoes a molecular transformation. In addition, the powder coating undergoes a molecular transformation, creating molecular connections with every surrounding particle to produce a perfect shell around the substance.

Part of the polymer burns when it is heated. However, this is often not visible and does not generate observable gas or smoke. The burning lowers the number of powder particles, leaving behind a little excess of carbon. The leftover particles establish lattice-like connections with the excess carbon and form bonds with one another. After allowing the shell to cool for some minutes, it is then removed.

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